• Spring fashion 2013: What's out, what's in, and where to find it for cheap


    Flipping through fashion magazines trying to find inspiration for new spring clothes as a 20-something can often be depressing. If you're like me, you may fall in love with one particular dress dubbed "hot" for this season, only to find out that dress is $300 and deeply out of your price range. Luckily, I became a professional at the art of "same style, different price tag" - picking out styles that I loved and finding them at a price that didn't overburden my bank account.

    With spring just days away, Boston Globe style reporter Chris Muther shared his thoughts on the upcoming season's hottest styles and even explained where my fellow frugal ladies can find them.

    Perhaps the easiest trends to mimic are simply colors and patterns. Chris expects yellow to be the signature color of spring 2013, with aqua being a strong contender.

     "You're lightening people's moods with these colors," Chris explains. "There's a lot of white coming in the spring, too."

    As for patterns, Chris says stripes, mainly black and white, are going to be huge this spring. While it may not necessarily be groundbreaking for spring, floral prints are also expected to be huge in 2013. Floral prints are even sprouting up on pants this year.

    When it comes to accessories, less is more in 2013.

    "Chunky necklaces are out," says Chris.

    The style reporter adds that accessories are pared down for spring.

    "There is less on the neck. When it's there, it's more subtle," he explains.

    Joining necklaces on its way out is the popular peplum style.

    "I would just say cut off the peplum," says Chris. "Who really needs extra fabric at their hips?"

    Chris adds that there is certainly less peplum in spring 2013.

    High heels seem to be a wardrobe staple for all women, but they're also losing their allure in 2013.

    "High heels have dropped," says Chris. "I'm very into basic and classic. A kitten heel is the smartest thing. You can just wear it day or night."

    Along with a smaller heel, Chris recommends wedges and platforms.

    For those looking for less expensive clothing that doesn't feel like it will be destroyed during its first time in the washing machine, Chris recommends hitting the Nordstrom Rack. Several have opened up in Mass., including one that opened on Newbury Street in Boston on Thursday.

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