FOX25 is the choice for local breaking news, traffic, weather, sports and entertainment in New England.

Make FOX25 your first point of contact with potential customers.  FOX25 offers on-air and online advertising designed to get your message in front of your target audience at the right time across all screens.  We offer: 

·   The Coveted Consistent Cross-Screen Experience

·   An Ever-Scroll format offering the highest viewable impressions percentage available to advertisers

·   High visitor click thru rates

·   Advanced targeting including; geo-targeting, time of day and audience targeting.

·   A Video Rich Platform allowing for ample pre-roll, post-roll and in-banner video possibilities

·   24 hr. breaking news with round the clock updates

·   A Community built for customization and participation

·   Exclusive content, promotions and sweepstakes

·   Extended interviews and videos

·   The largest online fan base in the New England Media Market on Facebook and Twitter

Advertising Opportunities:

·   On-Air & Online Custom Integrated Media Plans

·   Pre-Roll, Post-Roll and In-Banner Video

·   728x90 Leader Board Standard or Rich Media Ads

·   970x90 Large Leader Board Standard or Rich Media Ads

·   300x250 Medium Rectangle Standard or Rich Media Ads

·   Custom landing pages

·   Contests and Promotions

·   Search Engine Marketing

·   Targeted Display & Retargeting

·   Facebook Advertising

·   Social Media Marketing

·   Content Marketing

·   Online Reputation Monitoring & Management

·   Live Chat 

Learn more about our Digital Portfolio of Solutions at

See our Creative Portfolio here.  

Learn more about our NFL advertising opportunities here

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This is for advertising purposes only. Please refer to the "About Us" section for other points of contact. Sales Inquiries Contact Amy Sullivan: (781) 467-1434 Digital Sales Inquiries Contact Maria Armon: (781) 467-1461
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